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Miami's Top-Quality Studio for Immersive and Diverse Stories

At Boyd Crest Animation, we are a Miami-based studio dedicated to delivering unique and captivating stories and characters through animation. With careful consideration of representation, diversity, and emotion, we bring immersive and inspiring ...

From Riveting Stories to Exclusive Merchandise

From action-packed stories like "Unclean Hands," which follows a criminal mastermind's journey towards redemption, to character-driven narratives like "Relative Weddings," which explore the complexities of familial relationships, to educational and ...

Animated Series

Animated Series

Animated Series

Unclean Hands

Welcome to the Unclean Hands Animated Series, a riveting tale of crime, corruption, and …
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Relative Weddings

Looking for an animated series that will keep you entertained while also showcasing the …
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Daily Census

The Daily Census Animated Series is a captivating crime thriller that is sure to keep …
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We Dem Boyds

We Dem Boyds is an enchanting and captivating animated series designed to provide young …
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Genre variety
Diverse storytelling
Captivating animation
Global reach
Engaging narratives
Compelling characters
Innovative techniques
Immersive experiences
Exclusive merchandise

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