About Us

Miami's Top-Quality Studio for Immersive and Diverse Stories

At Boyd Crest Animation, we are a Miami-based studio dedicated to delivering unique and captivating stories and characters through animation. With careful consideration of representation, diversity, and emotion, we bring immersive and inspiring entertainment to viewers around the world. Our experts craft content for all genres, from action drama and romantic comedies to educational animations for children and horror series. 

As we strive to capture the attention of viewers worldwide, our team of experts is knowledgeable and passionate about creating content that resonates and engages. All stories and series come with exclusive merchandise, providing an even more immersive fan experience for our viewers. 

Whether you’re looking for an educational series for children or a narrative that explores deep emotion and different cultures, Boyd Crest Animation has something for everyone. We are committed to utilizing animation to provide captivating stories that educate and inform, showcasing diversity and representation for all viewers. To learn more about our animation projects and services, visit us online today. 

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