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Relative Weddings

Looking for an animated series that will keep you entertained while also showcasing the ups and downs of planning a wedding? We have a series called Relative Weddings Animated Series, by Boyd Crest Animation.

This unique series follows the story of two sisters, Judy and Teresa, as they plan for their weddings in the month of June. With entirely different tastes in men and lifestyles, the two sisters have vastly different ideas about what their perfect wedding should look like.

Judy is a hair stylist with expensive taste but a low budget lifestyle. She's determined to have a wedding that could win on a TV show called “The Wedding Challenge” and showcase her unique style, all while sticking to a strict budget. With the help of her friends, Judy will stop at nothing to create the perfect wedding.

Teresa, on the other hand, is a nurse with a Master’s degree who embraces her "ghetto mentality." She's determined to stay true to herself, no matter what her future husband's family thinks. As her wedding planning unfolds, we see just how far Teresa will go to have a wedding that reflects her personality.

This entertaining animated series showcases the unique challenges and craziness that come with planning a wedding, and is sure to offer laughs and relatable moments for all viewers. Plus, as an animated series, it's a unique and creative offering that sets it apart from other wedding-related content.

If you're searching for an entertaining animated series that showcases weddings and the hilarious moments that unfold during the planning process, then look no further than Relative Weddings Animated Series.

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